Infant Frenectomy

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Breastfeeding, Latching, and Tongue Tie

Breastfeeding has become widely recognized as the best way to give your baby the nutrition they need to thrive. It is also the bonding time necessary for your baby to develop strong positive social awareness. Even though breastfeeding is a totally natural occurrence there can be issues with your baby being able to “latch” on properly causing poor nutrition, soreness for the mother, frustration, and many times abandoning breastfeeding for the bottle.

Helping Modesto Mothers for
Over 10 Years

Dr. Toshi Hart has been helping mothers for the past 10 years solve “latching” issues. Often, “latching” issues are caused by your baby having what is medically referred to as tongue tie or lip tie. This is caused by the tongue or lip not being able to move into the proper position for “latching” onto your breast. This is actually quite common. Within a matter of seconds Dr. Hart can determine is your infant is tongue or lip tied. The solution to relieving these issues is called a Frenectomy.

Watch Your Baby Thrive

Dr. Hart has the latest laser technology in her office to perform this simple, nearly painless and instant procedure. Dr. Hart has done hundreds of frenectomies and has watched as her little patients begin to thrive because they can now latch properly and get all the benefits of breastfeeding properly.

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Tongue Tie can Also Lead to Serious Life-Long Health Issues

Tongue tie is medically known as ankyloglossia, the tissue holding the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short or thick, thus not allowing the tongue to position correctly. Even if you are not going to breastfeed having a tongue-tied child, you may eventually notice speech impediments, improper jaw development leading to facial issues and nasal passage issues. All of these issues affect sleeping, breathing, and mood.  Getting a simple frenectomy will relieve many if not all of these harmful health issues.